Kyocera’s Suite of HyPAS – enabled applications are:

PinPoint Scan 3
PinPoint Scan 3 is Kyocera's newest Business Application designed to simplify your office scanning requirements and bring unsurpassed efficiency to your staff.

DMConnect Pro Powered by Nuance
The latest workflow application from Kyocera will transform all of your document requirements!

DMConnect Powered by Omnipage / DMConnect
Streamline your Operation. Automate Workflow. Increase efficiency. Stay connected. 

CentraQ® Pro
CentraQ Pro provides organizations and businesses with secure print, copy, scan and fax functionality and reporting capabilities for Kyocera MFPs and Printers.

Designed for small businesses, CentraQ delivers secure print release in Windows environments using the KX Driver.

Kyocera Square 9 Connector
Kyocera's business application that connects your HyPAS-enabled MFP to Square 9 Softworks content management solution. Square 9 is the developer of highly intuitive, award winning document management software that can be easily adopted to automate any paper intensive process.

Kyocera DocuWare Connector
Improving Business Processes, one document at a time. More than 14,000 companies trust DocuWare for managing their most critical documents. The Kyocera DocuWare Connector allows you to transform your Kyocera MFP into a hub to scan and print PDF files directly from your on-premise or cloud-based DocuWare Server

Kyocera's PrivateScan business application allows organizations the peace of mind that their scanned documents are kept confidential and away from unintended parties.

Leverage your investment in your existing IT infrastructure, and maximize productivity with KYOCERA's HomePOINT business applications, offering intuitive scan to network home folder functionality.

AccuSender® Powered by Biscom
Utilizing Biscom's Secure File Transfer Solution, your business can transform hard copy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow. Securely move documents to any destination with Kyocera's AccuSender Powered by Biscom.

AccuSender® Fax
Securely fax documents to any destination with Kyocera's AccuSender Fax.


SharePoint® Connector
From the touch screen control panel of the Kyocera MFP, the SharePoint Connector provides users the ability to scan documents to and print documents directly from Microsoft SharePoint®. In addition to scanning and printing documents, the SharePoint Connector will OCR the scanned document and allows users to create new folders in SharePoint document libraries.

PinPoint Scan
PinPoint Scan is a Kyocera Business Application designed to simplify document scanning from network connected Kyocera HyPAS enabled MFPs to users’ PCs.

Teaching Assistant
HyPAS Business Application designed for the Education Vertical Market. Teaching Assistant will allow for automated printing and grading of bubble-sheet tests.

Advanced functionality in the palm of your hand. PRINT, SCAN, COPY AND MORE…

Exchange Connector
Kyocera's Exchange Connector allows HyPAS-enabled devices to connect directly into a company's corporate Microsoft Exchange Server.

Kyocera RightFax Connector
Kyocera offers advanced integration with RightFAX; giving users the ability to scan/send documents via the RightFAX server.

Tiered Color Monitor
Kyocera's Color MFPs offer your business the flexibility to offer a tiered color pricing strategy, so you can compete more effectively for every opportunity. Tiered Color Monitor provides an automatic method to track and monitor tiered color usage at your customers' devices.

Google Connector
Kyocera's Google Connector allows HyPAS-enabled devices to connect directly into an end-user's Google account for g-mail and calendar access.

Kyocera's PreservDOX™ is a business-continuity application designed to store important business documents at your Kyocera MFP for access when an interruption occurs, such as a power outage or network disruption. PreservDOX™ is intended to supplement recovery protocols that your organization undertakes and can be part of a complete recovery strategy for your business.

Language Exchange
Kyocera’s Language Exchange business application eliminates the barrier that an unfamiliar language can pose by allowing you to switch from a primary to a second language at the KYOCERA MFP control panel language with one click.

Kyocera Cloud Connect
Kyocera Cloud Connect provides convenient , on-demand printing and scanning from HyPAS-enabled and HyPAS-capable MFPS utilizing the cutting edge cloud provider Evernote or Google Drive.

Kyocera Mobile Print
Kyocera Mobile Print is a value add Mobile application that puts YOU in control of your document imaging.

Kyocera OnBase Connector
The ability to streamline existing processes as well as increasing office productivity is important to any business. However, the need to store documents in various repositories often slow transactional processes. With Kyocera’s OnBase Connector you can further leverage your existing OnBase investment by scanning, indexing and routing documents into the enterprise content management application directly from your HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP – simplifying collaboration and exchange of information.

AccessLock is Kyocera’s authentication and authorization tool for providing access control to specific functions on Kyocera HyPAS Enabled MFP’s. When used with other applications/solutions, AccessLock can reduce steps necessary to perform simple tasks.

2MyInbox is a "scan to me" e-mail application that works in conjunction with Authentication. When a User authenticate's on the MFP, 2MyInbox will query the user database and pre-populate the users e-mail address in the "To" field. This makes e-mailing documents back to your desk more simple and secure.

PanelPlus Scan Panel Customization Tool
A HyPAS-enabled panel customization tool for dealers

Nuance AutoStore 7
Automate your document-driven business processes. AutoStore provides a capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications.

Nuance Equitrac
Embedded Nuance Equitrac solution provides simplified print-copy tracking and cost recovery