Kyocera’s unique Tiered Color System is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Only pay for the color you use.

Finally, a solution that revolutionizes the way you pay for color printing. KYOCERA technology puts you in control by defining your color usage levels, based on your documents. Therefore, you pay for your actual color. For example, do you currently use a blackand-white MFP, but would like to add color to documents, such as letterheads and invoices? KYOCERA’s unique Tiered Color System can help you control your costs, whether printing a simple text document with a color company logo, or a full color document.

Kyocera 3Tier color

Tiered Color System Saving Bar Chart
*Saving depends on equipment model and terms of contract

Please input number of pages for each color coverage and click "Add Data"

Low: Medium: High: